FACT Tools Tutorial

This tutorial provides an introduction to the FACT tools for the preprocessing of telescope data. The FACT tools cover the processing steps from raw camera-level to the image cleaning and extraction of image parameters (Hillas parameters).

Software Requirements

The FACT Tools are written in Java, which allows their execution on any system with a Java virtual machine. The binary jar file is self-contained and does not require any pre-installation.

The following list shows the requirements for the tutorial hands-on session:

  1. A recent Java Runtime environment (Java 1.7 or higher). OpenJDK is working fine and can easily be installed on CentOS/Ubuntu machines using the package management.

  2. The latest FACT-Tools binary file.

Supplementary Material

  • slides for the turorial held during the CTA School in Sesto/Sexten (July, 2015)

  • several example configuration files

    • example 01: simply print data
    • example 02: show viewer
    • example 03: drs calibration with viewer
    • example 04: drs calibration + smoothing
    • … further examples can be simply produced following the slides