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Worldwide research cooperation

Opportunities for Research Cooperations - Worldwide

Research needs the dialogue. We are open to all kind of cooperations. You are researching in a field related to the topics of the research center? You are interested in deeper details of our work, data or software implementations? You even found a solution that works better than our proposals? We are eager to hear from you, so please let us know.

We are especially looking for or offering:
  • Opportunities for joint research and publications: Maybe your research complements what we are doing. Why not trying to bring the research together? Combined efforts may provide new insights and lead to better solutions.
  • Research Jobs, Post- and Predoc: We are always looking for top researchers. Even if there is at some times no vacant position, you can drop us a note with your profile, so that we can come back to you. Please mention specific projects you are interested in.
  • Knowledge transfer: Developed algorithms are cutting edge, so we are open to test them for several industrial use cases and scenarios. Companies interested in our solutions and offering testing opportunities are welcome.
Interested? Just contact us!