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Jobs and Research Positions

The collaborative research center SFB876 brings together data mining and embedded systems and enhances their methods such that information from distributed, dynamic masses of data becomes available anytime and anywhere. The research center SFB 876 is structured into 13 ongoing interdisciplinary projects.

More than 60 researchers work together in providing novel approaches overcoming the limitations implied by computational resources or data dimensionality. Specific open research positions will be posted amongst others on this page, but we encourage you to send us a spontaneous application in advance in case you are interested. As soon as positions become available, we will inform you via email.

How to apply and what to do in case of questions

Currently no open positions are available, but you are welcome to contact us any time. Please address questions about positions or spontaneous applications in electronic form by email to Jens Buß (), indicating in the subject line of the mail: SFB876 application and the identifier of the project you are interested in. Your questions can then be forwarded to the responsible project leader.

Project Overview

Excellence in Research: Small devices - Big data

A common trend today is gathering more and more data at a higher accuracy, in many cases at remote locations. Resource constraints limit the applicability of current algorithmic solutions to data analysis. The two sides of computing constraints are: Either the amount and dimensionality of data is too high, even for mainframe computers, or the computing capacity is too limited (e.g. for embedded systems like micro controllers or smartphones) to use state-of-the-art data mining algorithms.

Another resource constraint is energy. Embedded devices deployed in remote areas need to be powered for months without the possibility to recharge. Even high-end smartphones struggle to stay powered for a whole day of medium use.

We are looking for researchers, junior to senior level, joining our team for leading edge work in data analysis (Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery in Data Bases, Machine Learning, Statistics) and embedded systems to enhance their methods such that information from distributed, dynamic masses of data becomes available anytime and anywhere.

Beside computer scientists, several projects work in cooperation with other professions, from biologist, physician, statisticians, engineers and physicists. Check out the details of each project for the complete range of topics.