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Student Grants Summer School 2014

Application for student grants is closed.

Student grants covering travel and accommodation up to 500,-€ will be sponsored. A committee will select up to five of the best students. The criteria are the quality of the student and the distribution of student grants over the world. Applications are to be addressed to Prof Dr. Katharina Morik via email to office@ls8.cs.tu-dortmund.de and must include the following:

Application details

  • Applicant's CV.
  • Information about existing knowledge in machine learning or embedded systems, e.g. a list of previous lectures or courses and the grades you received.
  • Recommendation of the supervisor and/or a lecturer of the Summer School.
  • In case you published conference papers etc. on topics related to the summer school, please attach one publication you consider most valuable.
  • We expect you to give a short talk (15 min) about your work (e.g. thesis or research papers) during the summer school. Please include a proposal for your talk (preliminary title and short abstract) in your application. The topic of the talk does not necessarily have to be related to the topics of the summer school.

Application for student grants is open from 12th of May to 15th of July. The decision on grants will be made on 25th of July.

Student grant information

Independently of the grant you will still need to register for the summer school and pay the registration fee. The grant only covers travel and accommodation costs and does not include meals. The banquet dinner is included in the registration fee. The same rules as for University employees apply, mainly:
  • Maximum price for hotel rooms is limited to 80,-€ per night excluding breakfast. Typically this is not a problem in Dortmund, but please be aware the prices may increase the later you book.
  • Transportation is restricted to public transport, train and airplane, 2nd class. No business or first class.
  • Rental or private cars may be possible under certain circumstances with an explanation. Please be aware that cars in most cases are not cheaper compared to public transport. If in doubt, ask.