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Collaborative Research Center SFB 876 - Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis

The collaborative research center SFB876 brings together data mining and embedded systems. On the one hand, embedded systems can be further improved using machine learning. On the other hand, data mining algorithms can be realized in hardware, e.g. FPGAs, or run on GPGPUs. The restrictions of ubiquitous systems in computing power, memory, and energy demand new algorithms for known learning tasks. These resource bounded learning algorithms may also be applied on extremely large data bases on servers.

  Industrial Data Science Conference 2019

The Industrial Data Science Conference gathers experts from various industries and focuses on data science applications in industry, use cases, and best practices to foster the exchange of experience, discussions with peers and experts, and learning from presenters and other attendees.

Digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT), the industrial internet, and Industry 4.0 technologies are transforming complete industries and allow the collection of enormous amounts of data of various types, including Big Data and Streaming Data, structured and unstructured data, text, image, audio, and sensor data. Data Science, Data Mining, Process Mining, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics offer the opportunity to generate enormous value and a competitive advantage. Typical use cases include demand forecasting, price forecasting, predictive maintenance, machine failure prediction and prevention, critical event prediction and prevention, product quality prediction, process optimization, mixture of ingredients optimization, and assembly plan predictions for new product designs in industries like automotive, aviation, energy, manufacturing, metal, etc.

Join your peers in the analytics community at IDS 2019 as we explore breakthrough research and innovative case studies that discuss how to best create value from your data using advanced analytics.


March 13th, 2019
Location DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung
Web IDS 2019

SFB876 at the AAAI 2019

AAAI 2019 unified all AI, 3000 participants, at the conference in Honolulu: Perception, Representation and Reasoning, Learning, Natural Interaction, Societal Impact. 1147 papers have been accepted (submitted 7095) with the most coming from China, followed by USA, Japan and at 4th rank Germany.

Sibylle Hess (C1) gave the talk for our paper:
Sibylle Hess, Wouter Duivesteijn, Katharina Morik, Philipp-Jan Honysz
"The SpectACl of Nonconvex Clustering: A Spectral Approach to Density-Based Clustering",

Christopher Morris (A6) presented:
Christopher Morris, Martin Ritzert, Matthias Fey, William L. Hamilton, Jan Eric Lenssen, Gaurav Rattan, Martin Grohe
"Weisfeiler and Leman Go Neural: Higher-order Graph Neural Networks".

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