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Android Load Profile Data

Name Android Load Profile Data

This data set consists of 231683 records. The raw data was collected on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 5.1 and annotated by Benedict Boerger in the course of his Master Thesis "Analyse der Lastprofile von Android-Applikationen" during October 2017. The annotations were post-processed by Nico Piatkowski in March 2018.

Our data collection infrastructure recorded time stamped system calls, along with various time intervals and tags.
Records are group into files, corresponding to one of five typical use-cases of the Android operating system: "web.csv", "email.csv", "maps.csv", "music.csv", and "youtube.csv".

1. timestamp: Unix time in microseconds.
2. syscall: System call or Android API call.
3. ret: Return value of *syscall*.
4. utime: Time spent in user-space since last file or network access.
5. stime: Time spent in kernel-space since last file or network access.
6. ctxtime: Time without having the CPU since last file or network access.
7. tid: Thread identifier.
8. tag: Annotation. 
9. ressid: List of Android package(s) (or similar ressources) which issued *syscall*.

More details can be found in the accompanying README file.

License This android_load.zip is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License: http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/by/
DOIMetaData Android Load Profile Data
Citation Börger, Benedict; Piatkowski, Nico(2018):Android Load Profile Data.SFB876, Project A1.doi:10.17877/fcq6fwzegw
Authors Börger, Benedict and Piatkowski, Nico
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SFB Part Project SFB876-A1
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