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6th International Summer School 2022 on Machine Learning under Resource Constraints

September 16, 2022 16:15

From September 12-16, 2022, the Collaborative Research Center 876 (CRC 876) at TU Dortmund University hosted its 6th International Summer School 2022 on Resource-aware Machine Learning. In 14 different lectures, the hybrid event allowed the approximately 70 participants present on site and more than 200 registered remote participants to enhance their skills in data analysis (machine learning, data mining, statistics), embedded systems, and applications of the demonstrated analysis techniques. The lectures were given by international experts in these research fields and covered topics such as Deep Learning on FPGAs, efficient Federated Learning, Machine Learning without power consumption, or generalization in Deep Learning.

The on-site participants of the Summer School were CRC 876 members and international guests from eleven different countries. In the Student's Corner of the Summer School - an extended coffee break with poster presentations - they presented their research to each other, exchanged ideas and networked with each other. The Summer School’s hackathon put the participants' practical knowledge of machine learning to the test. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, participants were tasked with identifying virus-like nanoparticles using a plasmon-based microscopy sensor in a real-world data analysis scenario. The sensor and the analysis of its data are part of the research work of CRC 876. The goal of the analysis task was to detect samples with virus-like particles and to determine the viral load on an embedded system under resource constraints.

Details and information about the Summer School can be found at: https://sfb876.tu-dortmund.de/summer-school-2022/


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