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Dissertation on Resource-Aware Model-Based Optimization successfully completed

September 16, 2020 13:37

The faculty of statistics is happy to announce that Jakob Richter has successfully defended his dissertation on September 16, 2020. The dissertation titled "Extending Model-Based Optimization with Resource-Aware Parallelization and for Dynamic Optimization Problems" has proposed and investigated innovative concepts for extending Model-Based Optimization (MBO) with synchronous parallelization strategies that reduce idle time and extending MBO to be able to optimize problems that change systematically over time.
Parts of the dissertation were successfully published at the GECCO 2020 and LION 2017 conference.

The members of the doctoral committee were Prof. Dr. Jörg Rahnenführer (supervisor and first assessor), Prof. Dr. Andreas Groll (second assessor), Prof. Dr. Markus Pauly (chairman of the examination committee), and Prof. JProf. Dr. Kirsten Schorning (representative of the faculty). Jakob Richter was a research assistant at the faculty of statistics and a member of the Collaborative Research Center 876 (Project A3).

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