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Rob Davis, University of York, OH14, E023

Event Date: November 14, 2019 16:0

Synthesizing Real-Time Schedulability Tests using Evolutionary Algorithms : A Proof of Concept

Abstract: This talk assesses the potential for mechanised assistance in the formulation of schedulability tests. The novel idea is to use evolutionary algorithms to semi-automate the process of deriving response time analysis equations. The proof of concept presented focuses on the synthesis of mathematical expressions for the schedulability analysis of messages on Controller Area Network (CAN). This problem is of particular interest, since the original analysis developed in the early 1990s was later found to be flawed. Further, as well as known exact tests that have been formally proven, there are a number of useful sufficient tests of pseudo-polynomial complexity and closed-form polynomial-time upper bounds on response times that provide useful comparisons.

CV: Rob Davis is a Reader in the Real-Time Systems Research Group at the University of York, UK. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of York in 1995. Since then he has founded three start-up companies, all of which have succeeded in transferring real-time systems research into commercial products. Robert’s research interests include the following aspects of real-time systems: scheduling algorithms and analysis for single processor, multiprocessor and networked systems; analysis of cache related preemption delays, mixed criticality systems, and probabilistic hard real-time systems.


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