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5G Spectrum in great demand - Resource efficiency in the focus of the SFB is more necessary than ever

April 2, 2019 15:1

The SFB876 is following with great interest the ongoing auction of frequencies for the new mobile radio standard 5G. In the course of the auction, the value of the limited available 5G spectrum will be measured. Currently, the bidders involved in the auction have already exceeded the 2 billion Euro limit.

The new mobile radio standard promises significantly increased transmission rates, ultra-reliable real-time communication (e.g. for autonomous driving and production environments) and maximum scalability to serve a massive number of small devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to achieve these goals, the limited spectrum available must be utilized very efficiently. Using the latest methods of machine learning at all system levels, the SFB876 is also developing methods for increasing and ensuring scalability, energy efficiency, reliability and availability of 5G communication systems in subprojects A4 and B4.

For interested parties, the Communication Networks Institute, which is involved in both subprojects, continuously visualizes the round results of the current 5G auction:


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