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Annual meeting of DFG SPP 1736: Algorithms for BIG DATA in Dortmund

September 27, 2016 10:14

Participants of the SPP 1736-Workshops

From 26th to 28th of September the annual meeting of the DFG-SPP 1736: Algorithms for BIG DATA will be held in Dortmund. SPP members of the TU Dortmund are Johannes Fischer, Oliver Koch and Petra Mutzel. The SFB 876 participates via invited talks of Katharina Morik and Sangkyun Lee.

Focus of the SPP:

Computer systems pervade all parts of human activity and acquire, process, and exchange data at a rapidly increasing pace. As a consequence, we live in a Big Data world where information is accumulating at an exponential rate and often the real problem has shifted from collecting enough data to dealing with its impetuous growth and abundance. In fact, we often face poor scale-up behavior from algorithms that have been designed based on models of computation that are no longer realistic for big data.

While it is getting more and more difficult to build faster processors, the hardware industry keeps on increasing the number of processors/cores per board or graphics card, and also invests into improved storage technologies. However, all these investments are in vain, if we lack algorithmic methods that are able to efficiently utilize additional processors or memory features.


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