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Think Big: Professors of computer science talk about Big Data at nrwision

May 4, 2016 9:6

Journalism students from the TU Dortmund University spoke during the media talk "Think Big" with various experts on the topic of "Big Data". In the series Prof. Kristian Kersting (projects A6 and B4), Prof. Christian Sohler (projects A2, A6 and C4), Prof. Katharina Morik (projects A1, B3 and C3) and Prof. Michael ten Hompel (project A4) were guests of the students at the TU Dortmund University. They discussed questions of large data collections, their analysis, forecasts on them and even more. The questions discussed were for example how data mining influenced our life, which conclusion is possible due to our social network on facebook or how data mining influenced the medicine. They also talked about the risks arising with data mining. Another topic was Industry 4.0, for example warehousing could be automated by seonsrs and data mining, on long-term there could be self-organizing systems. This format was created under the direction of journalism professor Michael Steinbrecher, whose research area also deals with the topic "Big Data".

Broadcast with Prof. Kristian Kersting

Broadcast with Prof. Christian Sohler

Broadcast with Prof. Katharina Morik

Broadcast with Prof. Michael ten Hompel


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