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Katharina Morik as new member of acatech - National Acadamy of Science and Engineering

November 30, 2015 11:20

Katharina Morik

The National Acadamy of Science and Engineering advises society and governments in all questions regarding the future of technology. Acatech is one of the most important academies for novel technology research. Additionally, acatech provides a platform for transfer of concepts to applications and enables the dialogue between science and industry. The members work together with external researchers in interdisciplinary projects to ensure the practiability of recent trends. Internationally oriented, acatech wants to provide solutions for global problems and new perspectives for technological value added in Germany.

By the appointment of Katharina Morik as member of acatech, the acadamy recognizes her research profile, her achievements as speaker of the collaborative research center SFB 876, her international reputation and innovative research in machine learning.

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