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Workshop: Needles In a Stream of Hay (NISH2014)

March 17, 2014 16:27

Workshop collocated with INFORMATIK 2014, September 22-26, Stuttgart, Germany.

This workshop focuses on the area where two branches of data analysis research meet: data stream mining, and local exceptionality detection.

Local exceptionality detection is an umbrella term describing data analysis methods that strive to find the needle in a hay stack: outliers, frequent patterns, subgroups, etcetera. The common ground is that a subset of the data is sought where something exceptional is going on: finding the needles in a hay stack.

Data stream mining can be seen as a facet of Big Data analysis. Streaming data is not necessarily big in terms of volume per se but instead it can be in terms of the high troughput rate. Gathering data for analyzing is infeasible so the relevant data of a data point has to be extracted when it arrives.


Submissions are possible as either a full paper or extended abstract. Full papers should present original studies that combine aspects of both the following branches of data analysis:

stream mining: extracting the relevant information from data that arrives at such a high throughput rate, that analysis or even recording of records in the data is prohibited;
local exceptionality mining: finding subsets of the data where something exceptional is going on.

In addition, extended abstracts may present position statements or results of original studies concerning only one of the aforementioned branches.

Full papers can consist of a maximum of 12 pages; extended abstracts of up to 4 pages, following the LNI formatting guidelines. The only accepted format for submitted papers is PDF. Each paper submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the program committee.


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