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Joaquin Vanschoren, Eindhoven University of Technology, OH 14, E23

Event Date: January 30, 2014 16:15

OpenML: Open science in machine learning

Research in machine learning and data mining can be speeded uptremendously by moving empirical research results out of people'sheads and labs, onto the network and into tools that help us structureand alter the information. OpenML is a collaborative open scienceplatform for machine learning. Through plugins for the major machinelearning environments, OpenML allows researchers to automaticallyupload all their experiments and organize them online. OpenMLautomatically links these experiments to all related experiments, andadds meta-information about the used datasets and algorithms. As such,all research results are searchable, comparable and reusable in manydifferent ways. Beyond the traditional publication of results inpapers, OpenML offers a much more collaborative, dynamic and fasterway of doing research.

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