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Open Source Satellite Simulator OSĀ³ integrated into the INET framework for Omnet

August 27, 2013 13:33

The Open Source Satellite Simulator (OS³), developed as part of the SFB 876 at the Communication Networks Institute has been officially integrated into the INET framework for Omnet++.

OS³ provides a modular system for addressing satellite specific communication testing and research. The simulator enables high accuracy results due to its inclusion of recent satellite orbits and atmospheric parameters influencing signal transmission during startup. Beside the modularity and extensibility of OS³ the graphical user interface enables a easy learning curve for adapting the system to the user's needs.

The inclusion of OS³ into the INET framework provides an important milestone for dissemination. Omnet++ is a widely adopted solution for simulating communication networks and builds together with INET the de-facto research standard for simulation of mobile networks.


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