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Workshop on Algorithms for Data Streams 2012

June 28, 2012 14:54

There has been a spectacular advance in our capability to acquire data and in many cases the data may arrive very rapidly. Applications processing this data have caused a renewed focus on efficiency issues of algorithms. Further, many applications can work with approximate answers and/or with probabilistic guarantees. This opens up the area of design of algorithms that are significantly time and space efficient compared to their exact counterparts.

The workshop will be held in the campus of the Technical University of Dortmund, in the Department of Computer Science, as part of the SFB 876. It is planned as a five-day event from 23rd to 27 of July and consists of only invited talks from leading experts on the subject.

The workshop aims at bringing together leading international scientists to present and discuss recent advances in the area of streaming algorithms. In the context of the sponsoring collaborative research center on the more general topic of data analysis under resource-restrictions, such algorithms are being developed as well as applied to large-scale data sets. The workshop will give all participants the opportunity to learn from each others' knowledge and to cooperate in further research on interesting theoretical as well as applied topics related to streaming algorithms.


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