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Limits to Growth Revisited - Call for Applications

February 22, 2012 12:50

The buzzword of our time, “sustainability”, is closely related to a book published 40 years ago, in 1972: “The Limits to Growth” written by an MIT project team involving Donella and Dennis Meadows. Using computer models in an attempt to quantify various aspects of the future, “Limits to Growth” has shaped new modes of thinking. The book became a bestseller and is still frequently cited when it comes to analyzing growth related to finite resources.

Objectives of the Winter School In order to give fresh impetus to the debate, the Volkswagen Foundation aims to foster new think- ing and the development of different models in all areas related to the “Limits to Growth” study at the crossroads of natural and social sciences. The Winter School “Limits to Growth Revisited” is directed specifically at 60 highly talented young scholars from all related disciplines. The Foundation intends to grant this selected group of academics the opportunity to create networks with scholars from other research communities.


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