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Call for Papers: 4th Workshop on Mapping of Applications to MPSoCs

April 8, 2011 11:13

Mapping of applications to MPSoCs is one of the hottest topics resulting from the availability of multi-core processors. The ArtistDesign workshop on this topic has become a key event for discussing approaches for solving the problems. This year, the workshop will again be held back-to-back with the SCOPES workshop.
Recent technological trends have led to the introduction of multi-processor systems on a chip (MPSoCs). It can be expected that the number of processors on such chips will continue to increase. Power efficiency is frequently the driving force having a strong impact on the architectures being used. As a result, heterogeneous architectures incorporating functional units optimized for specific functions are commonly employed. This technological trend has dramatic consequences on the design technology. Techniques are required, which map sets of applications onto architectures of MPSoCs.
Deadline for Abstract Submissions is April, 22nd.


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