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Funke/etal/2022a: Low-Latency Query Compilation

Bibtype Article
Bibkey Funke/etal/2022a
Author Henning Funke and Jan Mühlig and Jens Teubner
Title Low-Latency Query Compilation
Journal The VLDB Journal
Abstract Query compilation is a processing technique that achieves very high processing speeds but has the disadvantage of introducing additional compilation latencies. These latencies cause an overhead that is relatively high for short-running and high-complexity queries. In this work, we present Flounder IR and ReSQL, our new approach to query compilation. Instead of using a general purpose intermediate representation (e.g., LLVM IR) during compilation, ReSQL uses Flounder IR, which is specifically designed for database processing. Flounder IR is lightweight and close to machine assembly. This simplifies the translation from IR to machine code, which otherwise is a costly translation step. Despite simple translation, compiled queries still benefit from the high processing speeds of the query compilation technique. We analyze the performance of our approach with micro-benchmarks and with ReSQL, which employs a full translation stack from SQL to machine code. We show reductions in compilation times up to two orders of magnitude over LLVM and show improvements in overall execution time for TPC-H queries up to 5.5? over state-of-the-art systems.
Month 05
Year 2022
Projekt SFB876-A2
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