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Pfahler/Morik/2020b: Fighting Filterbubbles with Adversarial Training

Bibtype Techreport
Bibkey Pfahler/Morik/2020b
Author Pfahler, Lukas and Morik, Katharina
Title Fighting Filterbubbles with Adversarial Training
Abstract Recommender engines play a role in the emergence and reinforcement of filter bubbles. When these systems learn that a user prefers content from a particular site, the user will be less likely to be exposed to different sources or opinions and, ultimately, is more likely to develop extremist tendencies.
We trace the roots of this phenomenon to the way the recommender engine represents news articles. The vectorial features modern systems extract from the plain text of news articles are already highly predictive of the associated news outlet. We propose a new training scheme based on adversarial machine learning to tackle this issue . Our preliminary experiments show that the features we can extract this way are significantly less predictive of the news outlet and thus offer the possibility to reduce the risk of manifestation of new filter bubbles.
Note Under Review at 2nd International Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics in MultiMedia
Month 07
Year 2020
Projekt SFB876-A1
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