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Bunse/Piatkowski/2018a: Towards a Unifying View on Deconvolution in Cherenkov Astronomy

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Bunse/Piatkowski/2018a
Author Bunse, Mirko and Piatkowski, Nico and Morik, Katharina
Editor Gemulla, Rainer and Ponzetto, Simone Paolo and Bizer, Christian and Keuper, Margret and Stuckenschmidt, Heiner
Title Towards a Unifying View on Deconvolution in Cherenkov Astronomy
Booktitle Lernen, Wissen, Daten, Analysen (LWDA) conference proceedings
Series {CEUR} Workshop Proceedings
Volume 2191
Pages 73--77
Abstract Obtaining the distribution of a physical quantity is a frequent objective in experimental physics. In cases where the distribution of the relevant quantity cannot be accessed experimentally, it has to be reconstructed from distributions of correlated quantities that are measured, instead. This reconstruction is called deconvolution. While several approaches to deconvolution exist in experimental physics, the problem is rather unknown in data science. Both fields can benefit from each other, but notational differences tend to prevent this. In this work, we outline the unification of existing approaches in order to pave the way for new joint research directions. Cherenkov astronomy is employed as a use case which illustrates the deconvolution problem.
Month 08
Year 2018
Projekt SFB876-C3, SFB876-A1
Url http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2191/
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