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Morik/etal/2017a: Big Data Science

Bibtype Article
Bibkey Morik/etal/2017a
Author Morik, Katharina and Bockermann, Christian and Buschjäger, Sebastian
Title Big Data Science
Booktitle German journal on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2017)
Volume 32
Number 1
Pages 27--36
Abstract In ever more disciplines, science is driven by data, which leads to data analytics becoming a primary skill for researchers. This includes the complete process from data acquisition at sensors, over pre-processing and feature extraction to the use and application of machine learning. Sensors here often produce a plethora of data that needs to be dealt with in near-realtime, which requires a combined effort of implementations at the hardware level to high-level design of data flows. In this paper we outline two use-cases of this wide span of data analysis for science in a real-world example in astroparticle physics. We outline a high-level design approach which is capable of defining the complete data flow from sensor hardware to final analysis.
Month 12
Year 2017
Projekt SFB876-A1,SFB876-C3
Url https://doi.org/10.1007/s13218-017-0522-8
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