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Chen/etal/2016d: Many Suspensions, Many Problems: A Review of Self-Suspending Tasks in Real-Time Systems

Bibtype Techreport
Bibkey Chen/etal/2016d
Author Chen, Jian-Jia and Nelissen, Geoffrey and Huang, Wen-Hung and Yang, Maolin and Brandenburg, Bjoern and Bletsas, Konstantinos and Liu, Cong and Richard, Pascal and Ridouard, Frederic and Audsley, Neil and Rajkumar, Raj and Niz, Dionisio
Title Many Suspensions, Many Problems: A Review of Self-Suspending Tasks in Real-Time Systems
Number 1
Institution Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund
Abstract In general computing systems, a job (process/task) may suspend itself whilst it is waiting for some activity to complete, \eg, an accelerator to return required data or results from the offloaded computation. For real-time embedded systems, such self-suspension can cause substantial performance/schedulability degradation. This has led to the investigation of the impact of self-suspension behaviour on timing predictability, with many results reported since 1990. This paper reviews the design and analysis of scheduling algorithms and schedulability tests for self-suspending tasks in real-time systems. We report that a number of these existing approaches are flawed. As a result, we provide (1) a systematic description of how self-suspending tasks can be handled in both soft and hard real-time systems; (2) an explanation of the existing misconceptions and their potential remedies; (3) an assessment of the influence of such flawed analysis on partitioned multiprocessor fixed-priority scheduling when tasks synchronize access to shared resources; and (4) a computational complexity analysis for different self-suspension task models. In summary, this paper provides a state-of-art review of existing real-time analysis of self-suspending tasks to provide a correct platform on which future research can be built.
Note (Status: Preprint, Revision 2)
Year 2017
Projekt SFB876-B2
Url http://ls12-www.cs.tu-dortmund.de/daes/media/documents/publications/downloads/2016-chen-techreport-854.pdf
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