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Buss/etal/2015a: FACT -- Influence of SiPM Crosstalk on the Performance of an Operating Cherenkov Telescope

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Bibkey Buss/etal/2015a
Author Buss, Jens and Ahnen, M.L. and Balbo, M. and Bergmann, M. and Biland, Adrian and Bockermann, Christian and Bretz, Thomas and Brügge, K. A. and Dorner, Daniela and Einecke, Sabrina and Freiwald, Jan and Hempfling, Christina and Hildebrand, D. and Hughes, Gareth and Lustermann, Werner and Mannheim, Karl and Meier, K. and Morik, Katharina and Müller, Sebastian and Neise, Dominik and Neronov, A. and Nöthe, Max and Rhode, Wolfgang and Temme, Fabian and Thaele, Julia and Toscano, Simona and Vogler, Patrick and Walter, Roland and Wilbert, A.
Title {FACT} -- Influence of SiPM Crosstalk on the Performance of an Operating Cherenkov Telescope
Booktitle Proceedings, 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015)
Series International Cosmic Ray Conference
Volume 34
Number 1130
Pages 863
Address The Hague
Abstract The First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope (FACT) is the first operational telescope of its kind, employing a camera equipped with silicon photon detectors (G-APD aka. SiPM). SiPMs have a high photon detection efficiency (PDE), while being more robust to bright light conditions than the commonly used photo-multiplier tubes. This technology has allowed us to increase the duty cycle beyond that of the current generation of imaging air Cherenkov telescopes. During the last four years, the operation of FACT has proven that SiPMs are a suitable photon detectors for an application in the field of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy. Nevertheless, it has been argued that crosstalk, after-pulses and dark counts are the main drawback of SiPMs, as these effects produce photon-like signals that would add up the signal background. Consequently, it is necessary to understand their impact on the analysis of data from FACT. In this contribution, we will show the current status of a study about the influence of different settings of crosstalk and dark counts on the performance of FACT. For that purpose, Monte Carlo simulations are used and compared to the actual data from the SiPM camera of FACT.
Month July
Year 2015
Projekt SFB876-C3
Url http://pos.sissa.it/cgi-bin/reader/conf.cgi?confid=236
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