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Biskup/etal/2014b: Optimality and Complexity of Inference-proof Data Filtering and CQE

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Bibkey Biskup/etal/2014b
Author Biskup, Joachim and Bonatti, Piero and Galdi, Clemente and Sauro, Luigi
Title Optimality and Complexity of Inference-proof Data Filtering and CQE
Booktitle ESORICS 2014
Publisher Springer
Abstract The ample literature on confidentiality-preserving data publishing -
and controlled query evaluation (CQE) in particular - leaves several
questions open. Are the greedy data-filtering algorithms adopted in
the literature maximally cooperative? Can novel secure view formats or
answer distortion methods improve security or cooperativeness? What is
the inherent complexity of confidentiality-preserving data publishing
under different constraints, such as cooperativeness and availability?
Can the theoretical results on CQE be systematically extended to more
general settings? In this paper we answer the above questions using
a completely generic, abstract data filtering framework, independent
from any syntactic details and data source encodings, and compatible
with all possible distortion methods. Some of the main results are:
Refusal-based filterings can be adopted as a normal form for all kinds
of filterings; greedy refusal-based filterings are optimal;
cooperativeness checks and some availability checks are coNP-hard in
the simplest case.
Year 2014
Projekt SFB876-A5
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