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Biskup/Tadros/2012a: Revising Belief without Revealing Secrets

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Bibkey Biskup/Tadros/2012a
Author Biskup, Joachim and Tadros, Cornelia
Editor Lukasiewicz, Thomas and Sali, Attila
Title Revising Belief without Revealing Secrets
Booktitle 7th International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems (FoIKS 2012)
Series LNCS
Volume 7153
Pages 51-70
Publisher Springer
Abstract In multiagent systems, agents interact and in particular exchange information to achieve a joint goal, e.g., arrange a meeting, negotiate a sales contract etc.
An agent, as a rational reasoner, is able to incorporate new information into her belief about her environment (belief revision) or to share her belief with other agents (query answering).
Yet, such an agent might be interested to hide confidential parts of her belief from other negotiating agents while these agents are supposed to reason about her reactions to revisions and queries.
We study how an agent can control her reactions to revisions and queries requested by another agent who may attempt to skeptically entail confidential beliefs.
As our main contribution, we present procedures that provably enforce confidentiality, to be employed by the reacting agent.
Year 2012
Projekt SFB876-A5
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