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Ickstadt/etal/2011b: Nonparametric Bayesian Networks (with discussion)

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Ickstadt/etal/2011b
Author Ickstadt, Katja and Bornkamp, Björn and Grzegorczyk, Marco and Wieczorek, Jakob and Sheriff, M.Rahuman and Grecco, Hérnan E. and Zamir, Eli
Editor Bernardo, José M. and Bayarri, M. J. and Berger, James O. and Dawid, A. Philip and Heckerman, David and Smith, Adrian F. M. and West, M.
Title Nonparametric Bayesian Networks (with discussion)
Booktitle Bayesian Statistics
Volume 9
Pages 283-316
Year 2011
Projekt SFB876-C4
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