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Biskup/Tadros/2011a: Inference-proof View Update Transactions with Minimal Refusals

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Biskup/Tadros/2011a
Author Biskup, Joachim and Tadros, Cornelia
Editor Garcia-Alfaro, Joaquin and Navarro-Arribas, Guillermo and Cuppens-Boulahia, Nora and de Capitani di Vimercati, Sabrina
Title Inference-proof View Update Transactions with Minimal Refusals
Booktitle 6th International Workshop on Data Privacy Management, DPM 2011
Series LNCS
Volume 7122
Pages 104-121
Publisher Springer
Abstract Publishing information to clients of an information system may leak confidential information.
Even more, update transaction protocols must ensure both integrity and confidentiality of information which results in a conflicting situation rather involved.
To avoid confidentiality breaches, previous work allow views with misinformation provided to clients.
In order to maintain correctness and reliability of information, we propose query and update protocols that refuse client requests for the sake of confidentiality.
Further, this article focuses on availability of information in two ways:
confidentiality policy specification can impose less strict confidentiality in favor of availability;
the proposed transaction protocol is shown to be as cooperative and to provide as much information as possible
among a discussed class of transaction protocols.
Regarding the confidentiality policy, in our approach the security administrator can choose between protecting only sensitive information in the current instance or even outdated information of previous instances.
Year 2011
Projekt SFB876-A5
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