Students' Corner

The summer school will be accompanied by an exchange platform for participants, the Students' Corner, which will allow them to network and share their research. Furthermore, researchers from SFB 876 will also present their work there. Participants, therefore, need to register for the Summer School and should apply for the Students' Corner with an abstract for the research they want to present.

A committee will select the most interesting applications. Registered participants will be informed within two weeks whether their application has been accepted.
Image on a laptop showing people

How does the Students' Corner work?

The Student's Corner is a poster session, accompanied by a long coffee break, designed to encourage participants to network and discuss their research. Participants will present their work on A0 posters and share their research with other attendees. Similar to poster presentations at a conference, this gives you the opportunity to informally talk with visitors about your research. Presenters will be asked to stand next to their posters to explain the poster and answer questions about its content.

After registering for the Summer School, you will be provided with a link to upload and (later) modify your contribution to the Student's Corner. The deadline for the final hand-in of your abstract/final modification is the 31st of July 2022.
As a service, we offer to print out our poster for you, given that you provide us with a PDF.