The photo of lecturer Michael Schmelling

Michael Schmelling

Professor at MPI for Nuclear Physics (Heidelberg)
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg

PhD at Dortmund University in 1987, Postdoc at Mainz until 1991, the CERN Fellowship and Staff until 1995, and since 1996 C3-position at MPI for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, and since 2003 apl. Prof at TU Dortmund. Research fields cover QCD in hadron-hadron collisions and e+e- annihilation, cosmic ray physics, heavy flavour physics, silicon detector technologies and statistical and numerical methods in data analysis. Experimental collaborations from PhD times until now include the Split-Field-Magnet spectrometer (CERN-ISR), ALEPH (CERN-LEP), CosmoALEPH, HERA-B (DESY-HERA) and LHCb (CERN-LHC).