Important Dates

14th of March 2022
Registration Opens
Registration is opened to the public.
Early Registration Deadline
Early registration fee is 420€.
15th of June 2022
31st of July 2022
Application Deadline for Student Grants
Last day to hand in your application for a student grant to visit REAML 2022.
(local) REAML Registration closed [Extended deadline]
Last day to register for local participation in REAML Summer School 2022.
1st of August 2022
7th of August 2022
Student Grant Decision 
Date when the recipients of student grants for REAML 2022 are informed.
Student's Corner: registration closed
Last day to register contributions to the Student's corner.
14th of August 2022
14th of August 2022
Late Registration payment deadline
Last day to pay your fee for REAML 2022 Late registration fee is 520€. No on-site registration or payment is possible.
Student's Corner: final hand-in of abstracts
Last day to hand in or change abstracts for contributions to the Student's corner.
21st of August 2022
12th of September 2022
Begin of the Summer School
End of the Summer School
16th of September 2022