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The SFB 876 will be starting its third phase

November 26, 2018 11:37

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) granted the next four years of the collaborative research center SFB 876. The following projects will continue their research:

  • A1 Data Mining for Ubiquitous System Software
  • A2 Algorithmic aspects of learning methods in embedded systems
  • A3 Methods for Efficient Resource Utilization in Machine Learning Algorithms
  • A4 Resource efficient and distributed platforms for integrative data analysis
  • A6 Resource-efficient Graph Mining
  • B2 Resource optimizing real time analysis of artifactious image sequences for the detection of nano objects
  • B3 Data Mining on Sensor Data of Automated Processes
  • B4 Analysis and Communication for Dynamic Traffic Prognosis
  • C1 Feature selection in high dimensional data for risk prognosis in oncology
  • C3 Multi-level statistical analysis of high-frequency spatio-temporal process data
  • C4 Regression approaches for large-scale high-dimensional data
  • C5 Real-Time Analysis and Storage of High-Volume Data in Particle Physics


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